How to tether jailbreak iOS 7.0.x through iOS 7.0.4 (iPhone 4 Only)

Apple announced iOS 7 several months ago and the jailbreak devs have been going at it working hard on a jailbreak. Lately we haven’t heard any news from the Chronic Dev Team nor the evad3rs involving the late iOS 7 jailbreak. Luckily a new dev team has surfaced and they have been working on a tethered jailbreak for iPhone 4s running iOS 7 through iOS 7.0.4 and have begun to release the results.

The Ragebreak iOS 7.0.x jailbreak tool is based on winocm’s opensn0w open source jailbreak project which just happens to be powered by Geohot’s old limera1n exploit from 2010. Unfortunately Ragebreak does not add anything but instead is just a simple convenient script that makes winocm’s work unquestionably easier to utilize and implement for an iOS 7.0.4 jailbreak.

Let’s stop all this jibber jabber and get onto the jailbreaking part of the tutorial!

Note: This is a tethered jailbreak which requires your computer to turn on your iPhone every reboot.

Step 1.) First we need to download Ragebreak 1.1

Step 2.) Connect your device to your computer via 30-pin adapter and place the said device into DFU Mode.

Step 3.) Open Ragebreak and simply click on “Download Files”. Ragebreak will then begin to download the files necessary to jailbreak your phone. Once this is complete, we can move onto the next step.

Step 4.) Considering how easy this program make it to jailbreak your phone, all you have to do it click “Jailbreak” and then “OK” and then once after that just click on extract. Once this process is complete it will open up an SSH tool, do NOT close this out or anything else just yet, wait for it to finish.

Step 5.) Once the SSH tool is finished, simply hit “Ok” twice on the Ragebreak program and wait patiently. Once this process is complete, easily put your device back into DFU mode once again and boot the device with your corresponding firmware and device model.

Step 6.) We aren’t just done yet, we still need to install Cydia! To begin this last and final process click “Install Cydia” in the Ragebreak program and type in your iDevice’s IP Address. In order to find your IP Address, go to your > Wi-Fi > Information > IP Address (eg. Once you have done this just hit enter on your keyboard and wait patiently once again. This process may take a while considering it has to transfer a lot of files as well as download them through Wi-Fi.

Step 7.) Once your device has installed Cydia, you are just about complete. All you have to do now is once again put your device into DFU mode and boot to the corresponding firmware and device model. If you have done this all correctly, your device should now be jailbroken with Cydia installed!

Was your attempt at this jailbreak a success? Remember only iPhone 3,1 and iPhone 3,3 are compatible so that may be the problem, if not, let us know in the comments section and we’ll be happy to help!

Don’t forget to follow the developers @ragemasta and @aalvarado

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